Friday, February 24, 2012

Random Anecdote

Renata, Chris, Israel and I had some time to kill an evening or two ago. So we were wandering around the neighborhood, mostly looking at the bookstores.

We enter this one bookstore, one of those stores the size of a postage stamp with all the walls covered in books. The light was soft and kind of yellowish. The only sounds were the owner typing and us flipping through the books. I was content just going through them, looking for something I recognized. When suddenly....

My chest convulses and I make a familier sound. *HIC!*

Renata turns to me and starts giggling.

"Shut up." I whisper.

She just shakes her head, and I hiccup again, making her giggle even louder.

"I hate you."

"Je t'adore!"

"*HIC* No you don't! You *HIC* liar!"

Izzie and Chris have noticed what's going on and now sniggering.

"You guys! *HIC* Shut up!"

By now the ENTIRE STORE has noticed, because, like I said before, it was the size of a postage stamp.

"Je suis désolée, désolée!" The owner says between his guffaws.

"I hate *HIC* you all." But I'm leaning against the shelves laughing and each new hiccups sends us into another giggle.

"Breathe, Abi, breathe," says Izzie, doing the "yoga deep breath gesture," cupping her palms upwards and pulling them down.

"I can't! *HIC* I'm hiccuping *HIC* and laughing!"

At last I can stop laughing and my hiccups seems to have gone. The rest of the time was spent peaceably, and we made our purchases before exiting.

Got Bilbo Le Hobbit for one euro! Score!


  1. You got the Hobbit? I'm so jealous! You'll have to show me this store. Also, this story made me giggle.

  2. Great story -- great description of the setting. Thanks for sharing!