Friday, March 2, 2012

Paris at Night

Sadly, I was not magically transported to the 1920s as I walked through Paris at night. Nevertheless, I was able to enjoy myself. I loved how the streets were like up, but the light was soft not like the harsh neon glow places like New York City has. I enjoyed walking down the cobblestone streets, seeing all the restaurants (and inhaling the scents of cooking food), the people laughing and chatting, seeing what the theaters were playing and just taking in the sights.

I sight I won't forget anytime soon was Notre Dame lit up. It reinforces the quiet power the cathedral has. It's almost surreal to see her tower above you, the kings of Judah looking across the city like watchmen.

While Ms. Voigt, Sam and I were looking at the church, we also found the Point Zero of Paris, the exact center of the city. There's a superstition that if you stand on the spot and twirl you will return to the city someday. I did so, and I hope the legend holds true!   

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